You are not alone on your path.


Mamawapowuk means “gathering” in Michif.


The first step to healing is not feeling alone, and with the ongoing impact felt by COVID-19 and isolation the Kakichihiwewin Project is offering “Mamawapowuk”, a 12 week online community building group.


Each week we will hear from a guest speaker, participate in activities together and create bonds to help facilitate the healing process for those of us affected by forced assimilation, generational / intergenerational and the present day trauma we carry as Indigenous peoples.


This space will not be run by a professional therapist, but rather a therapeutic setting for Indigenous folks who are in need of a sense of belonging and inclusion on their path to healing.

10 spots are be available
, on a first come, first serve basis and this program will be offered three times a year.


There is no charge to attend or join the group, although you are only asked to do your best to commit to the entire 12 gatherings to help preserve the integrity and trust built over our time together.


Registration is now open for our January 6th – March 24th sessions that take place every Thursday from 4pm PT / 6pm CT / 7pm ET and last 90 minutes.


Register Here.
Questions? Email the project director here.