Native Vets, Vets for Peace and Standing Rock

By Christine Nobiss

Lot's going on in Iowa and all over the world. I'm in Chicago today at the Vets for Peace Conference. This afternoon, there's a Standing Rock Panel made up of Indigenous Vets that were at Standing Rock.

I have a huge amount of respect for the vets that went to Standing Rock. Not only that, but Native American enlistment in the Armed Forces is the highest per ethnic group in the country. I've always found that ironic, considering the history of mass genocide and severe colonization that our ancestors went through. And yet, we still proudly serve this country. We have a loyalty to the land that cannot be broken.

My own grandfather served in World War II. He drove supply trucks in France. I remember him talking about the other Native men he served with and the strong bond he held with them. An understanding that went beyond serving in the military for the country but for the people and the land.

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Christine Nobiss