Nurturing the Power in our Little Ones

By Christine Nobiss

Reflections on the KXL March in Lincoln, Nebraska on August 6.

One of the the first things I noticed when arriving in Lincoln for the the KXL March activities was the large presence of Indigenous people. The elders, the aunties, uncles, nephews, nieces, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons.

I was particularly happy to see the young ones present and engaged in the activities. It reminded me of my own children that have joined me so many times at rallies and protests. My son used to say, "Maman, are we going NoDAPLING?" And I'd say, "Yes, baby, lets go get the signs."


They are our future. And yet, their future is uncertain due to something we could have prevented. This current period of climate change is human made and we still have a chance to stop the worst of it from severely affecting the well being of future generations. So, let's do that.

Stay awake. 
Be involved. 
Never back down.

At the KXL march, the parents of these little ones let me use this pic as an example of our next generation starting their journey as land stewards. And, here are my own babies helping me fight DAPL last year in Iowa



Christine Nobiss