Will the Real Eco-Terrorist Please Stand Up...Anyone? Tigerswan?

By Christine Nobiss

Ed Fallon, Bold Nebraska, interviewed Ruby Montoya and Jessica Reznicek (both Catholic Workers that vandalized DAPL property) on his show, The Fallon Forum, and asked them, "Do pipeline 'vandals' undermine 'thoughtful' protesters?" 

My immediate response was, "No, Tigerswan does."

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Fallon is referring to an article written in the Des Moines Register concerning the actions of Ruby Montoya and Jessica Reznicek. The article does not paint a good picture of them. These two Catholic Workers recently admitted to the destruction of almost $1 million of DAPL equipment and infrastructure. They did this based on the belief that other tactics are not working to stop the fossil fuel extraction. They managed to set back DAPL quite a bit. But within a wide range of communities, people are debating the legitimacy and ethics of their actions.

I see a broken system and many people trying to fix it through a diversity of tactics. I do not engage in nor do I condone these actions but it does not mean that I won't support these women during the litigation process. I do not believe in these actions because they are dangerous to the parties involved as the consequences can be very harsh. There's a possibility that they could go to jail for more than 20 years. There are murderers that go to jail for less time. This is a sign of a sick judicial system that favors property over life. And, the level of their vandalism certainly does not fall into the realm of domestic terrorism. However, because our government has become a puppet to the economy and the corporate conglomerates that run it, these women now face extreme charges for damaging the property of an oil king. Private property. Not public property. 

Frankly, if ETP wanted to, they could forgo pressing charges. I'm not sure if this would stop the FBI from their own investigation but I'm pretty sure it would help Jess and Ruby with their case. Thus, my thought is to put an immense amount of public pressure on ETP to not pursue charges. These women put their lives on the line for an entire movement that is being watched by the NSA via the patriot act. Also, Tigerswan, a private security firm that has exhumed illegal cointelpro tactics--if cointelpro ever went away in the first place--is doing everything they can to defame, frame and scare us. And don't forget that the FBI is investigating their case, meaning that they can be charged with federal indictments. 

Furthermore, I know firsthand that Tigerswan is truly the entity that undermines the work of thoughtful protesters. They tried to lump myself and Lakasha in with the Catholic Workers. They tried to frame us. And so, I believe that the problem lies with Tigerswan. If it was up to them, I could also be facing jail time based on their allegations. 

Again, Tigerswan undermines us. Not Jess and Ruby. Please give them your full support. For all of you that do not agree with what they did, at least agree that the trumped up charges they face are ridiculous. Let's change the system that is doing the terrorizing. We, the people are not the terrorists. The Trump administration and their corporate friends that hire private security firms are the true terrorists. They are the ones that are maniacally scraping and sucking every possible natural resource from this planet. In the process, they are destroying the landscape, the watersheds, the farmlands, the air and everything else we hold sacred. 

Not only that, but they are trampling on our Indigenous sovereignty, our landowner rights and our access to basic needs such as clean water and healthy food. However, we are not unaccountable in this process. Society supports these companies and our government through the economy and our vote. I truly believe that change happens from the ground up. So, please get involved because it might not be long before our basic civil rights become illegal. It may not be long before cointelpro becomes the status quo. Trump and his administration or certainly moving in that direction. 

Furthermore, let's not forget the bigger picture of climate change. We probably only have a few years left to stop the worst case scenario from occurring.

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