Standing Rock Youth Conference 2017

Standing Rock Youth Conference

Prairie Knights Casino

Today I participated in the youth coordinated Standing Rock Youth Conference 2017 at the Prairie Knights Casino. I remember getting to come to this conference when I was in middle and high school. I was remember being exactly in the same seats listening to motivational guests they would invite each year. Little did I know I would be coming back as a guest speaker. I seen familiar faces in the crowd of students. These kids use to be in elementary when I was in high school. Now they’re the ones graduating this year and moving into high school! Back in high school I never would’ve thought this was in the cards for me. Its very healing, inspiring, refreshing, and a huge honor! It gives me a lot of hope seeing these young leaders put together such an amazing event. We have a lot of potential and upcoming leaders for Native country. I was also able to reunite with some of the youth runners. Seeing them sit with their fellow peers and listening to all the motivational speakers. I myself was very inspired by the other guest speakers. Their brave stories growing up through similar but different struggles. One thing we all have in common is our resilience! Which set the tone for conference, I felt like all of us in that room had our own type of resilience because of our own unique story. We never know what someone is going through. If we can be a friend to even just one person a day we could be saving a persons life. I had a really good day being around the youth and doing my best to help continue to inspire a person(s).  I look forward to seeing what they have planned in the future and doing my best to help support them in any way that I can! I’ve come home and felt empowered to do new projects with them hopefully soon or sometime in the near future. Time to be the change we all need to be. Lila Wopila for this beautiful day!

Bobbi Jean Three Legs