The youth are here and they're not leaving until we have a Green New Deal.

Seeding Sovereignty joined over 1000 youth from the Sunrise Movement who flooded the Halls of Congress to demand their representatives support a Select Committee on a Green New Deal.  They shared their personal stories about climate injustice and their fears for the future if drastic action isn’t taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Because of their actions, 8 new Congressmembers agreed to support the Select Committee that has been proposed by Congressmember-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, including Rep. Jim McGovern, the incoming chair of the House Rules Committee.  McGovern had expressed the need for climate action before, but had been equivocating on his support for the Select Committee until he saw hundreds of youth fill the halls outside of his office.

Sunrise DC.jpg

From Lee Ziesche who was there:

This was a BIG moment! Previously Rep. Jim McGovern from Massachusetts had been on the fence about supporting a Select Committee on a Green New Deal, but the look on his face when he walked out of his office and saw hundreds of youth ready to take action if he didn’t step up and show bold leadership said it all. The power the Sunrise Movement has been building could be felt resonating throughout the Halls of Congress.  I’ve been to many actions over the past 5 ½ years and this was one of the most well organized, beautiful, energetic actions I’ve ever seen.  These youth are building serious grassroots power and if ours reps aren’t ready to step up for a Green New Deal, they need to step aside, because the youth are here to lead and they aren’t going anywhere!