Oceti Sakowin Women's Gathering

By, Christine Nobiss

OSWG SS shirts.jpg

Two of the participants, Lynnette Adams and Lori High Elk, at the gathering wearing our Seeding Sovereignty shirts! 

Photo Credit: Christine Nobiss

The Oceti Sakowin Women’s Gathering (June 18-20) came together to work with the spirit of our past and current societies in order to better understand these ways. It was a time for healing, education, internalized understanding and insight into humbleness and collective thinking. 

We met at the bottom of Bear Butte in the Rosebud Lodge—Elders, children and everyone in between. We talked about, “decolonization, reawakening of Oceti Sakowin Women Societies roles and ceremonies, protecting sacred sites, children and the elderly, spiritual emotional and physical abuse, matriarchal teachings and kinship roles, traditional birthing spaces, keeping lakota/dakota/nakota strong, MMIW-MMIP-MMIWC-MMIWG, infrastructure planning for traditional laws, dates and times for Isnati ceremonies, spiritual food teachings, misogynist behavior/lateral violence, and so much more.” (Oceti Sakowin Womans Society)

It was a success, in that, every person there left with some sense of healing and good thoughts for the future. Thank you to the elders that helped guide us all in our healing process and protocols. And thank you to everyone there for your honesty, love and dedication to the children and Unci Maka. 

This post was written and then rewritten with the help of the grandmothers and the knowledge they received front the grandmothers before them. It was a lesson in and of itself about collective wisdom from quite, humble growth and the process of unlearning the Imperialist mindset. 

OSWG Bear Butte.jpg

Sacred Mato Paha

Photo Credit: Christine Nobiss