Voterize the Movement


In November of 2017, Seeding Sovereignty youth organizers attended the “Mass-Based Resistance Dialogue” on behalf of the Native Organizers Alliance along with NOA’s Director, Judith Leblanc. The dialogue brought participants from organizations that had leadership roles of some type in their respective movement areas. The dialogue worked to deepen relationships, advance our alignment, develop a better understanding of the movement landscape, further advance conversations, and to see how far we can move towards a plan for collaborative future work. Among the presenters was “Voterize the Movement!” developer and Movement Voter Project organizer, Jessica Pierce.

Pierce’s program “Voterize the Movement!” works with national movements & networks to: 1.) Build power and win elections on our own terms. 2.) Support and fundraise for movement voter engagement strategies and messages that make sense for your network, community and local affiliates. The first convening of organizers were gathered through previous organizing relationships established with Jessica and other organizers of the program. The program also works with movement leaders & networks to: A) Develop electoral plans and innovations; B) Create an inspiring peer-learning community and movements; C) Provide support in trainings and implementing voter engagement plans; etc.

Conversations covered that SS organizers Lauren Howland and Eryn Wise participated in at the convening included issues in our respective movements, interventions needed to take place, ideas and incubations, base building and fellowships, sharing and development of models and resources, etc.

Conversation led to ideas which lead to incubation which led to the development of Seeding Sovereignty’s voter engagement program, “Rising to Resist”. Rising To Resist aims to connect and bring together youth organizers from “key states” in coming election cycles to build capacity, skillshare and train in actions and issues regarding the elections in their respective states, as well as federal elections. Rising to Resist is currently fundraising for program development and will distribute proposals upon request and interest.

We here at Seeding Sovereignty would like to give a big shout out and thank Jessica Pierce and the organizers at the Movement Voter Project for letting us as youth leaders take part in and contribute to the development of innovative strategies and techniques we will use to create equity and a justice system that is truly and sincerely for the people, by the people. Ahehee and Iheedn.

For more information on the Rising to Resist program or for donation information, contact Program Director Lauren Howland at:

Eryn Wise