Seeding Sovereignty at Indigenous@SOCAP18

By: Christine Nobiss, David Karabelnikoff and Janet MacGillivray

Seeding Sovereignty, along with local organizers such as David Karabelnikoff and Evette Padilla, brought Indigenous organizers, entrepreneurs and culture bearers to present at the Social Capital Markets Conference (SOCAP) conference October 23-26, 2018 at the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture in San Francisco, California. 


For the first time, Seeding Sovereignty worked with SOCAP to host an Indigenous People's space titled Indigenous@SOCAP18. SOCAP is the world’s leading conference activating the capital markets to catalyze positive social and environmental change. Seeding Sovereignty worked to produce the four-day Indigenous@SOCAP18 event with the goal to promote an Indigenous-led regenerative economy based on the knowledge imparted from Indigenous innovators. At this time our world needs the tangible example of Indigenous stewardship of our planet to change the world’s ecological and socio-economic trajectory and turn the tide on the climate crisis, poverty, and ongoing systemic inequities. The vision of Indigenous@SOCAP18 has been built on the following ideas that will be embodied in Indigenous presentations:

  1. Invest in Native nation building through sovereign solar and regenerative energy projects.

  2. Expand Indigenous land stewardship models like food sovereignty and hemp initiatives to address environmental crises like water scarcity.

  3. Create an Indigenous scholarship fund to break the poverty cycle and the job barrier.

  4. Develop a regenerative investment management strategy in consultation with Indigenous elders and with collaboration from financial industry experts.

  5. Invest in Indigenous journalism and media to amplify Indigenous narratives. 

  6. Implement sustainable development pilot projects in the face of a changing climate (e.g. Alaska village relocation).

  7. Increase awareness of violence to women,children and two spirits that parallels the violence to the planet and amplify opportunities for matriarchal leadership in entrepreneurial systems.

  8. Amplify applications of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples into the corporate world to realize sustainable development goals.

  9. In recognition of the fact that 95% of 60 billion dollars of foundation funding in the US is allocated to white led organizations, we are advocating for an allocation of 10% of global philanthropy go to global Indigenous Peoples.

  10. Overall, build Indigenous sovereignty and self determination through regenerative economic development through all of the above.

Seeding Sovereignty agreed to participate and invest in the planning because we believe in this vision and SOCAP’s growing commitment to Indigenous Peoples. In 2017, SOCAP founder Kevin Jones offered his speaking time to acknowledge Ohlone territory and this year, we curated an entire conference within SOCAP that was hosted in a 360 dome. It was a great success and we plan on making next year a bigger one with Indigenous@SOCAP19.

The Agenda from Indigenous@SOCAP18

SOCAP Agenda.jpg
Christine Nobiss