Greenpeace Action Camp 2018

I attended the Greenpeace Action Camp this year. I participated in the blockades track of the camp.

When I first arrived at camp late that night, the logistics tent was very welcoming. They provided us with tents, sleeping bags, flashlights & bug spray! (lol) When we awoke the next morning we ate breakfast and went to morning circle. We had morning circle everyday as a camp. The Greenpeace organizers welcomed us to the camp and provided a few camp rules then we went to our tracks. 


            When I arrived at blockades the facilitators were very welcoming. We introduced ourselves to the rest of the group with our names, pronouns, and what refrigerator item we would be.  We jumped into our group agreements for blockades. A couple of the things we agreed to was, no photos without explicit permission, what our safe word was, and no oppressive language.


            Over the next few days, we talked about topics like affinity groups, roles that are played during an action, and support roles. We learned how to tie knots. We also learned about the tools that are used during blockades, the best places to use them, and how they work and are made. We listened to some stories about times when lockdowns went wrong so that we could learn from them. We role played some actions and used the tools we learned from the previous day. We also did hassle lines as de-escalation practice.



On the last day of camp, we did "mock-actions" with other members of the camp. We got to choose our level of interaction. So, if you wanted to be extracted from the blockades tools, or if you wanted to be extracted while climbing or canoeing than you could. But also, if you just wanted to be a bystander than that was also possible.


            Overall, I gained so much knowledge from this action camp at I recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning Non-Violent Direct Action. There is also an Arts track and a Climbing track if you are interested in either of those things. Greenpeace has a lot to offer with this camp and I think that even if you are already skilled in NVDA, you can still learn so much from the Greenpeace Action Camp!


Thank you, Greenpeace!


Janet MacGillivray