Connecting the Community Cradles of the Climate Crisis

Roadtrip Documentary Film Project: : A Climate Carole

In 2016, coal as an energy source was deemed defunct after some oil barons went belly up and coal demand declined as fracking demand increased - yet today mountains are being denuded from carbon sinking trees and are still being decapitated to line the pockets of the few while they poison the water for many. Fracking pipelines are snaking their way through waters and lands and eminent domain is being used for private - not public - purpose. Congress is rolling back recent laws to protect streams and waterways. No one community is immune to this greed glut and the systems in place are faltering. Irreversible harm to dwindling global water resources that provides life energy to all beings is being perpetuated in the name of fossil fuel energy when renewable energy is available today.

Based on the well-known tale of  “A Christmas Carole” as a guide, our A Climate Carole will bring Standing Rock youths face to face with the vets of the war on the environment. We will road trip to places of fossil fuel extraction and will trace the reality of the consequences of decisions that didn’t take the Seven Generations into account. It is only by making the links between seemingly isolated and media-disregarded communities that we can make connections and expose and end the energy shell game. By putting a human face on this reality, we will be able to choose more wisely and recognize connections between fossil fuel communities and water, climate, and ultimately one another. Indigenous knowledge can be understood as an umbilical connection to nature and a philosophy that nature’s industrially commodified “resources” are in fact priceless. Those outside the system find kinship; poor and disenfranchised people cannot buy their way out of a waterless future. 


Stops will include:

a. Mountaintop Removal Mining - Maria Gannoe

b. Fracking - Oklahoma - Farmers fighting eminent domain and protecting generations of livelihood

c. Off Shore Oil Drilling - Gulf Coast communities post Katrina and the realities of how fossil fuel drilling eroded nature’s robust protection system.


A Mountaintop Gathering

Our “A Climate Carole” documentary road trip will teach the hard truths that fossil fuel extraction doesn’t bring jobs or economic independence for people, communities, or for the United States. This journey will culminate in an intergenerational and multi-stakeholder energy conference.

In fossil fuel communities, it is commonly women who rise up and at Standing Rock it was indigenous women water protectors who rose. Together women can steward a new energy paradigm from one that violently guts mother earth. Our mountain gathering will circle indigenous and nonindigenous women water protectors to tell the universalized story of communities and people who were promised jobs but were sickened and abandoned. Together women will work for nature based renewable energy projects in those communities who – having learned the truth and understand mni wiconi water of life, will lead the transition.

We will submit A Climate Carole to national and regional film festivals such as Sundance and Tribeca as well town hall screenings in local communities and partnerships with national and regional public broadcast platforms in efforts to take the message to the broadest possible audience.