Little Creek Camp is a sustainable community rooted in Indigenous thought and practice. lndigeneity nurtures progressive thought and creates local and global change. We are a think tank dedicated to the decolonization of society and the land. It is a hub for all organizations and individuals who want to modify systems of governance and create a new economy—an economy for the people that is built on empathy, renewables, and a sustainable way of life.

Little Creek is continuing the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline in Iowa by campaigning locally and educating the public about the court case of landowners/Sierra Club vs. Iowa Utilities Board. The goal is to inform Iowans about the many levels of corruption surrounding the construction of DAPL in this state and empower them to voice their opinion to the Iowa Supreme Court.

For Little Creek we have worked to develop a website forming the basis of a communications hub.

MK incorporated the goals of Little Creek Camp members, the aims and vision of the camp, into an informative graphic to help present everything in a very clear way.