You are not alone on your path.

mamawapowuk means “gathering” in michif.

The first step to healing is not feeling alone, and with the ongoing impact felt by COVID-19 the kakichihiwewin project is offering “mamawapowuk”, a 12 week online community building group. Each week we will hear from a guest speaker, participate in activities together and create bonds to help facilitate the healing process for those of us affected by forced assimilation, generational / intergenerational and the present day trauma we carry as Indigenous peoples.

This space will not be run by a professional therapist, but will be a therapeutic setting for Indigenous folks who are in need of a sense of belonging and inclusion on their path to healing.

10 spots will be available
, on a first come, first serve basis and this program will be offered three times a year.

There is no charge to attend or join the group.

Registration for September-November’s mamawapowuk sessions have been filled. Please check back in November for January’s registration.