Despite overwhelming science that we must keep fossil fuels in the ground, the United States has continued a massive build-out of fracked gas and oil infrastructure. As usual, this fossil fuel extraction and resulting negative community health impacts mount on the backs of Indigenous, low-income, environmental justice communities.

Simultaneously, similar communities on the Gulf Coast fighting fossil fuel extraction are seeing petroleum-based plastic production ramp-up at time when our environment is choking to death on single-use plastics. People and animals are getting sick from the toxicity of plastics, and recent studies that show that the breakdown of plastics releases climate-changing methane.

We believe that it’s time to unite communities working in isolation and tell the true story of what profiteering corporations have planned for our collective future, including the extreme 40% increase in plastic production anticipated for the upcoming decade. Since 2010, $186 billion dollars have been invested in 318 new plastic production projects that rely on a foundation ingredient: fossil fuels.

Frontline Fossil Fuel Resistance and the Pipeline to Plastic works to end fossil fuel extraction and expose the connection to plastic production. We support and amplify frontline fossil fuel resistance efforts and connect them to their counterpart communities who receive fracked gas for plastics production in the overburdened Gulf Coast. By exposing the connection between fossil fuels and plastics, we aim to prevent resultant environmental and human health harms caused by fracking, fossil fuel extraction, and plastics production and elimination. We will tell an honest narrative about how fracked gas leads to plastic pollution, and build greater capacity from new leaders, especially women and youth, on these connected issues. 

Seeding Sovereignty purposefully and innovatively connects traditionally siloed issues to diversify the movement and to create greater capacity to prevent permanent harms to people and planet.