The fracking boom in the Marcellus Shale has put dozens of communities on the fossil fuel chopping block. From extraction to delivery, the entire fracking process threatens our air and water, as well as the climate.  Despite overwhelming science against fracking, New York and Pennsylvania are heavily investing in a fracked gas future.   

In Pennsylvania alone the plan is to build some 30,000 more miles of fracked gas pipelines, dozens of compressors stations and over 40 fracked gas power plants. All known to have negative impacts on local health and the environment, as well as disastrous implications for the climate because of leaking methane.

New York State has banned fracking and denied a number of permits for fracked gas pipelines but still is the 4th largest user of natural gas in the United States and has committed to building massive fracked gas power plants across the state.

But people are standing up. They refuse to be sacrificed for the profits of big oil and gas companies and are fighting against a fracked gas future. 


Camp White Pine is a forest defense camp resisting Sunoco's Mariner East 2 Pipeline, which plans to transport natural gas liquids through OH, WV, and PA to an export facility on the east coast. 

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Company Behind DAPL Continues to Bully Landowners and Contaminate Water

A massive 680MW fracked gas power plant is currently under construction in Wawayanda, NY. The community has vehemently opposed the plant and the Wawayanda 6 were arrested blocking construction to the site. New Yorkers made over 6,000 public comments against the plant and weekly pickets continue, but the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is till pushing the project through. Orange County residents are calling on Governor Cuomo to rescind the permits for the plant, especially since his former top aide, Joseph Percoco, was found guilty of accepting bribes from CPV during a crucial permitting stage for the plant.

And an even larger plant, the 1,100MW Cricket Valley Plant, has just begun construction in Dover, New York.

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James Cromwell and New York State Refused to be FERCed

Millennium Tries to Silence Local Dad Over CPV Fracked Gas Power Plant Through SLAPP Suit

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Sheridan Hollow Fracked Gas Power Plant

In a move of incredible hypocrisy, Governor Andrew Cuomo's New York Power Authority has proposed to build two 7.9 megawatt fracked gas fired turbines in the environmental justice community of Sheridan Hollow to power and heat Empire State Plaza, the massive 89-acre Albany capitol-building complex where the Governor and his administration work from daily

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