Mother Earth’s natural resources are being extracted and consumed globally as raw materials for energy.

Geoexcavation for coal, oil, and other greenhouse gas-producing fuels is undertaken for a significant profit for extractive industry, and at inestimable cost to global native peoples. All this industrial imperialism fuels and unsustainable cost addiction to fossil fuels and perpetuates avalanching global climate crisis. False solutions to the pressing global climate crisis draw down the planet’s rate materials without respect for those who rightfully and harmoniously live in balance with nature. These include mega hydroelectric dams and nuclear power, agro-fuel production, industrial scale carbon sequestration.

Sovereignty Means

We find ways to work together to stand against further degradation of the Earth, using our collective set of skills and experiences to support those who protect these sacred lands, the plants, the animals and future generations.


Our goal is to weave a more honest narrative that overcomes apathy with inspiration and develops discernment with truth and seeds self-determination via witness documentation of history in the making.
If seeing is believing, we are starting with opportunities for experiential environmentalism. We use media to link the curious with the doers, ultimately inviting participation in the political process and creating
long term changes in power systems.

We’re currently working to grow beyond oppressive power systems that are based on viewing mother nature as a resource to be dominated and people as expendable labor. We seek to build purposeful multigenerational stewardship that takes all people and generations into account and models the change we want to see in the world.

We are responding with the fire of Standing Rock in our hearts.

We want people to learn from indigenous teachers who ask us to remember and act from our shared umbilical connection to the planet.

We want to move us away from a preference for “professionalized” activism and instead build an organic community based network and our program is populated by examples of how to grow and de-
expert the environmental movement.

We recognize that social media engagement via clicks, likes and swipes has devolved to a passive individuated fleeting ego flexing. Youth activists desire to engage the whole body in their activism, and
replace big money corporate backed power systems with people systems. They desire to tell that story via a new media narrative, showing others it’s possible.

We want to de-commodify the commons and demonstrate the possibility of a shared abundance to disrupt the corporate fear model and scarcity mindset that separates us.