Lauren Howland

Youth Organizer for Turtle Island

Lauren is a member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, and also comes from the Jicarilla Apache Nation, Navajo Nation, and Laguna Pueblo people. She was at Standing Rock from August through December in 2016, and one of the founding members of the International Indigenous Youth Council. She has been a dedicated community member empowering youth, hosting intersectional events, and organized the Frack Off Chaco Canyon Run in June, 2017.

As the program director for Rising to Resist (R2R), Lauren aims to connect and bring together youth organizers from key midterm states in upcoming election cycles to build capacity, skill share, train for actions, and educate around issues impacting their state, as well as federal elections.

She is a vocal water protector in frontline camps, who works to build a strong and dependable youth network, and motivate others to stand with communities facing fossil fuel extraction.

With this organization Lauren seeks to furthering her communication skills, while creating dynamic story-based advocacy that explores the need for a just transition, and dynamic community-led renewable energy projects.

In her work she is inspired by the young, the earth, and life.

Christine Nobiss

Decolonizer, Iowa Land Decolonization Project and Land & Body Sovereignty Project 


Christine Nobiss from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is Plains Cree-Salteaux of the George Gordon First Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada and grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She is an organizer, media spokesperson and movement mentor in Iowa, and across the nation. She works to inspire community engagement and support via her writing, speaking, social media messaging, and environmental and social justice actions.

 “I am a mother who believes in the future integrity of Earth Mother’s environment and in social justice for all. I have been an active member of the environmental movement since childhood, I believe that Indigenous sovereignty and knowledge are ways to decolonize both people and the climate.”

Christine graduated from the University of Iowa with a Masters Degree in Religious Studies (with a focus on Native American Religion and Culture) and a Graduate Minor in American Indian Native Studies. She has been an activist all her life, and fights for a better future for her two small children. For that reason she founded Indigenous Iowa so she could build an off reservation community for Natives living in Iowa. She is a force in the movement and donated a lot of her time to the Standing Rock camps. She then founded Little Creek Camp to continue the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline in Iowa. She now works for Seeding Sovereignty and Bold Iowa and partners with and/or helps many organizations including Women’s Indigenous Media, Digital Smoke Signals, The Indian Problem, 100 Grannies, Braveheart Society, StopETP Coalition, Wiconi Un Tipi Camp, The Possibility Alliance and more. 

Lee Ziesche

Fossil Fuel Resistance Correspondent | Pennsylvania & New York


Lee Ziesche is a writer, documentary filmmaker, and millennial fighting for a livable planet. For over three years she traveled around the world to communities on the frontlines of extreme energy extraction as the grassroots coordinator for International WOW Company’s award winning GASLAND films. She also did camera and drone work for HOW TO LET GO OF THE WORLD (2016) and co-produced WHAT MILLENNIALS TALK ABOUT WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE (2015).

Despite overwhelming science saying we must keep fossil fuels in the ground, the US has continued a massive build out of fracked gas and oil infrastructure. In the model of Standing Rock, a handful of brave folks have founded resistance camps of peaceful and personal environmental protection at their homes and in their communities to stop the construction of new fracked gas power plants and pipelines. Despite the monumental consequences of their actions these camps and innovative tactics garner little media. 

To change this narrative, and focusing on women and millennial leaders, Lee will amplify the stories of frontline residents through social media, short films and written articles and on resistance camps in rural America where eminent domain is a key issue, including Camp White Pine, a forest defense camp resisting Sunoco Logistic's Mariner East 2 fracked gas pipeline. 

As a millennial filmmaker and organizer, Lee will peer-to- peer mentor other young organizers and skill share to bring new faces and an amplified youth voice to the movement. Lee’s rapid response reporting, incredible social media network and organizing expertise will help facilitate a needed viral information pipeline and a needed network of pipeline fighters –people – to change the narrative, support self-determining women and millennial leaders.


Janet MacGillivray, J.D., LL.M. 

Executive Director

Janet is an environmental attorney and social change activist. She founded and directs The Seeding Sovereignty Project birthed at Standing Rock to amplify the role of indigenous knowledge for environmental justice. Janet is a former whistle blower, and has worked in legal and leadership positions at EPA and national and international NGO’s on the interconnected issues of water rights, land and food sovereignty, global trade, climate refugees, environmental health, and the rights of nature. Janet, of Muscogee (Creek) heritage, is a mother who dedicates her life work to the future of all children.

Eryn Wise

Eryn Wise

Communications and Digital Director

Eryn currently lives on occupied Tongva territory as a guest from the Jicarilla Apache Nation and Laguna Pueblo people. She is our Communications and Digital Director; working to interweave our projects, people, and platform to amplify our collective’s creed. Eryn’s role lends its supports to the organizers working within the Seeding Sovereignty "RESISTerhood” that are navigating movement spaces, and is a mentor on projects such as Rising to Resist; a youth-led voting initiative, and Our Eyes in the Skies; a youth drone project. 

Her own seed project, DIY Storytellers, is a reclamation of indigenous narrative. Representation is crucial, and with the this project the subject matter isn’t about tokenizing featured relatives, or controlling their narratives but rather, passing them the mic.

Ensuring a future for generations to come is a duty and responsibility to her, and she focuses the traditional teachings of her foremothers on the intersectional challenges faced by the prodigies she works with. She aims to do all her work in homage to her ancestors whose resistance ensured her existence. She is a human being, just like you. 


Jordan Marie Daniel

Grants, Writing, and Research

Jordan Marie Brings Three White Horses Daniel, is a member of Kul Wicasa Oyate/the Lower Brule Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Jordan is a passionate and devoted advocate for Indian Country.

Jordan passionately enjoys uplifting and empowering Indian Country, especially Native Youth, with grassroots organizing and helping to create a platform for their voices to be heard on the successes of Indian Country and issues happening in frontline communities. She is the founder and Director of Rising Hearts Coalition, an indigenous-women led grassroots organizing group, that started in DC and now, bi-coastal, in Los Angeles. 

Aside from a passion to help make a difference, Jordan enjoys running, for fun, and competitively since she was 10 years old: from track and cross country races, to marathons.  She enjoys challenging herself and acknowledging the lands she climbs, hikes, and runs on.  Enjoying the outdoors and the water the world has offer, is something that helps to stay rooted and motivated.

Jackie Fawn

Ace Visual Illustrator

Jackie is a Yurok, Washoe, Filipina artist that is honored to be multicultural as her mother, father, and ancestors have done everything for her to be here today to ensure that she gets to hold a pencil in her hand daily. 

She is a visual storyteller who has created artwork for not only Seeding Sovereignty, for the Buffalo Field Campaign, Stop Line 3, Indigenous Environmental Network, Greenpeace, L'eau Est La Vie Camp, and more. 

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