DIY Storytellers

Defend it yourself. Tell your own story.

The necessity of storytelling has proven itself evident to indigenous peoples for millennia. In Pueblo culture, images of a grandmother/grandfather storyteller can be seen represented in traditional pottery. Surrounded by children, the grandparent weaves words while passing on sacred traditions, and instilling memories carried since time immemorial.

For centuries historians have insisted on the erasure of indigenous histories. Many native communities across Turtle Island have fought a continuous onslaught of displacement, eradication of culture, reimagining of historical events, grievous and flagrant disregard for Amendment 6 in the US Constitution, in addition to having our ancestral languages stripped from us through forced assimilation programs.

Through DIY (Defend it yourself) Storytellers, we aim to reclaim our narratives as indigenous and First Nations peoples. Our team will travel across Turtle Island (Canada, US, Mexico) to document those leading frontline battles in their homelands. Each journey shared is aimed to inspire hope in the hearts of future generations, and the intergenerational resistors alive today, rising to defend their homelands and right to exist.

We will travel and partner with Seeding Sovereignty’s womxn-led drone crew, Our Eyes in the Skies, to amplify our relatives’ stories. With the guidance of current mentors and help from ancestral and traditional teachings, Storytellers aims to bridge the gap between intergenerational movements, while inviting our audience to share a story with strangers doing work on behalf of all our relations.