The project will empower indigenous youth leaders through practical skills and a greater understanding of their culture to represent themselves via digital media and advocacy driven campaigns geared to stop the further exploitation and environmental degradation with the intention of leading the way to a just transition from a fossil fuel past to a renewable energy present - and future. These youth leaders will then train other indigenous youths and look to bridge to non-indigenous communities, sharing knowledge and building a national network of pro-active and well-trained youth activists for the environment.

Billy from Contributor Films providing on-site media training at Standing Rock

Billy from Contributor Films providing on-site media training at Standing Rock



We employ a multi-pronged approached to implementing our mission. Building on lessons learned from Standing Rock we will train youth leaders to take events into their own hands by combining field tested tools and tactics used in the public interest sphere such as rule of law and advocacy along with traditional knowledge and approaches to healing.


1. Workshops on economic systems, tribal and treaty rights and legal advocacy strategies utilized in environmental and tribal contexts that teach the legislative, regulatory and legal processes and advocate for new energy solutions.

2. Formation of a Women’s Wisdom Council that bridges elders to youths to ensure the continuation of traditional indigenous environmental knowledge and multigenerational stewardship, and bridges indigenous and non-indigenous allies.

3. Media training for youth leaders to become activist journalists, teaching them to become effective communicators using the visual power and immediacy of social media to effectively advocate for the environment and themselves.

4. Building a proactive youth network to meaningfully participate in current and upcoming decision making in both the tribal and environmental contexts and fostering youth agency to leverage strategic environmental change into the wider community.