The work of Indigenous youth leaders who inspired Standing Rock didn’t stop when the Dakota Access Pipeline was built.

It’s only getting started. 


Lauren TwoBraids Howland

Youth Organizer & KXL Pipeline Opposition Coordinator

Lauren is a member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe and has tribal affiliations with the Jicarilla Apache Nation, Navajo Nation and Laguna Pueblo. She was at Standing Rock from August through December in 2016, and one of the founding members of the International Indigenous Youth Council. She has been a dedicated community member organizing runs, events, and recently organized and produced the Frack Off Chaco Canyon Run in June, 2017. As a vocal water protector in frontline camps she will work creatively to build a strong and dependable youth network, and motivate others to stand with communities facing fossil fuel extraction.

With this organization Lauren will build on her communication skills, creating dynamic story based advocacy that explores the need for a just transition and dynamic community led renewable energy projects.

In her work she is inspired by the Young, the Earth and Life.

Andreanne R. Catt

Media Weaver for Movement Momentum and Energy Self-Determination

Andreanne Catt is an Eastern Band of Cherokee and Sicangu Lakota from Rosebud, South Dakota. She comes from a strong family of activist leaders including Casey Camp-Horinek. She spent six months at Standing Rock leading the youth movement for clean water against the Dakota Access Pipeline where she helped organize non-violent direct actions with the International Indigenous Youth Council.

Andreanne’s inspiring youth leadership is enhanced by her broad set of deep interpersonal interests and expanded, inter-connected world-view. At Seeding Sovereignty, she will build on her comprehensive multimedia and communication skills to weave youth networks that nurture this and future generations. Her immediate campaigns focus on stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline and uranium mining for energy in the Black Hills, sacred to The Great Sioux Nation. She will bridge generations by inviting youth learning from Elders and amplify the need for multigenerational environmental stewardship that demands a just transition. 

“I am a creative individual focused on contributing to a dynamic and fast-paced organization. I am a goal oriented team player with proven ability to take on many responsibilities. Eager to gain new experiences and contribute to a meaningful organization doing impactful work. I wish to become a strong indigenous leader. I want to help the youth use their voices to speak up for what they believe in. I want to help mother earth heal. I want to help protect mother earth and our sacred sites.”

Christine Nobiss

NoDAPL Media Hub Organizer, Little Creek Camp

Christine Nobiss from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is Plains Cree-Salteaux of the George Gordon First Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada. She is lead organizer, media spokesperson and movement mentor at Little Creek Camp in Iowa to continue the stand lit at Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline. She will nurture this critical Camp web hub and inspire community engagement and support via social media messaging and event-based participatory environmental activism to her extensive network. She will collaborate with our team of legal, environmental and social media experts to weave an honest and inclusive narrative that overcomes apathy, develops discernment and seeds-self determination. 

Christine graduated from the University of Iowa with a Masters Degree in Religious Studies (with a focus on Native American Religion and Culture) and a Graduate Minor in American Indian Native Studies. She has been an activist all her life, and fights for a future for her two small children. She is a force in the movement and has selflessly donated her time to her stand at Standing Rock, Little Creek Camp, Indigenous Iowa and volunteers for other organizations and organizers including Bold Iowa, Midwest Telegraph, 100 Grannies, Mississippi Stand Solidarity Network and the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition.

“I am a mother who believes in the future integrity of Earth Mother’s environment and in social justice for all. I have been an active member of the environmental movement since childhood, Christine believes that Indigenous sovereignty and knowledge are ways to decolonize both people and the climate.”



Standing Rock, Oceti Sakowin Camp, ND January 2016

Standing Rock, Oceti Sakowin Camp, ND January 2016

Janet MacGillivray, J.D., LL.M. 

Executive Director

Janet is an environmental attorney and social change activist. She founded and directs The Seeding Sovereignty Project birthed at Standing Rock to amplify the role of indigenous knowledge for environmental justice. Janet is a former whistle blower, and has worked in legal and leadership positions at EPA and national and international NGO’s on the interconnected issues of water rights, land and food sovereignty, global trade, climate refugees, environmental health, and the rights of nature. Janet, of Muscogee (Creek) heritage, is a mother who dedicates her life work to the future of all children.

Janet (middle back) at World Peace and Prayer Day, 2014 in Hudson Valley, NY

Janet (middle back) at World Peace and Prayer Day, 2014 in Hudson Valley, NY

MK (Mary K) Johnson

Project Coordinator

MK worked as the Assistant Editor and Production Manager at Oceti Sakowin Camp as part of the dedicated in-camp media crew from November through the evacuation of camps in late February. Since then she worked for a brief time worked to establish 7Fires Media and then with No Spiritual Surrender (formerly Standing Rock Rising). She brings a 16-year background in graphic design, marketing and communications experience to the fight for social and environmental injustice. 

Incorporating integral learning methods as a sharing of skills, she is working with communities facing the immediate threat of the fossil fuel industry, to seed communication hubs in key locations to help record and inform what is happening in their homelands, serving as a means of self-defense on the information front-line.  

Her focus is to effectively take part in raising consciousness and creating social change. 


Our Board

Kip Andersen

Kip Andersen’s awakening as a filmmaker came as a result of An Inconvenient Truth. After seeing the film, he dramatically changed his lifestyle and believed he was doing everything he could to help the planet. But his life took a different direction when he found out animal agriculture is the leading cause of environmental destruction. Together with Keegan Kuhn he co-produced his first film, Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, which became an overnight viral success and ignited the environmental movement. 

Winona LaDuke


Winona LaDuke is an internationally renowned activist working on issues of sustainable development renewable energy and food systems. She lives and works on the White Earth reservation in northern Minnesota, and is a two time vice presidential candidate with Ralph Nader for the Green Party.


Robert Kennedy Jr.

In 1998, Kennedy co-founded a bottled water company, Tear of the Clouds LLC, with Chris Bartle and John Hoving. A year later he founded Waterkeeper Alliance, a global umbrella group which supports local environmental organizations protect their respective bodies of water. In May of 2010, he was named a "Hero for the Planet" by for his work with Riverkeeper, helping to restore the Hudson River. Kennedy's environmental activism also includes writing two books and numerous articles on issues affecting the environment. He currently serves as senior attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

In 2016, he joined thousands of concerned citizens and Native Americans from numerous tribes at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, in protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

Melinda Kramer

Melinda Kramer is an environmental activist, mother, connector, and founder of Women’s Earth Alliance. At age 24, she set out to create a thriving global resource to support the courageous efforts of grassroots women leaders working around the world to protect the environment for future generations. Today, she co-directs WEA’s work on three continents around issues of clean water, food security, climate change, and land protection. Before founding WEA, Melinda worked around the world with organizations pursuing environmental justice, sustainable local economies and indigenous rights. 

Kathryn Erbe

While an undergraduate student at NYU, Erbe was cast as the daughter of Lynn Redgrave's character on the sitcom Chicken Soup. She later became a member of Steppenwolf Theatre Company and has starred in many of their productions, including A Streetcar Named Desire, Curse of the Starving Class, and The Grapes of Wrath, which ran for six months and won the 1990 Tony Award for Best Play. Erbe earned a Tony Award nomination in 1991 for her portrayal of Mary in The Speed of Darkness.

Erbe starred in such films as What About Bob?, Stir of Echoes, Rich in Love, and the independent films Dream with the Fishes, Love from Ground Zero, and Entropy. She played opposite David Caruso in Kiss of Death. She portrayed Shirley Bellinger on the HBO series Oz, to critical acclaim, and made a guest appearance on Homicide: Life on the Street in 1997. From 2001 to early 2010, she starred as Detective Alexandra Eames on the NBC/USA Network series Law & Order: Criminal Intent, alongside Vincent D'Onofrio.

Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes

Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes is a leading Psychologist with a private practice in New York City for the past 15 years. Her practice consists of older adolescents and adults. She provides Individual as well as marital, family and group psychotherapy. In addition, Dr. Binder-Brynes is a leading expert in the field of posttraumatic stress. 

Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes has recently been contracted to the Episcopal Church to counsel and debrief returning Military Episcopal Clergy who have been deployed in Iraq. Recently, Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes has become a charter member of the Division of Trauma Psychology of The American Psychological Association and has been appointed to the Committee of Disaster Response. She is currently working on setting up remote video trauma relief counseling programs in conjunction with the Episcopal Church in the New Orleans area.