Working together to inspire
change in our communities.

Honor the Earth

Mission: We believe a sustainable world is predicated on transforming economic, social, and political relationships that have been based on systems of conquest toward systems based on just relationships with each other and with the natural world. As our mission states, we are committed to restoring a paradigm that recognizes our collective humanity and our joint dependence on the Earth.

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Makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to use video and technology to protect and defend human rights.

WITNESS trains and supports activists, and citizens around the world to use video safely, ethically, and effectively to expose human rights abuse and fight for change.

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Witness | See it. Film it. Change it.


International Indigenous Youth Council

Mission: We rise to protect land, water and treaty rights. We rise to practice and protect all indigenous culture and ceremonies. We rise, as empowered youth, for social justice. We rise to act through non-violent direct action and community organizing.
We rise to inspire young people, globally, to become leaders in their indigenous communities.
We rise for the following virtues: prayer, honor, wisdom, and love.

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Indigenous Iowa

Indigenous Iowa works for the environment and for the future of earth’s people. We use our sovereignty and traditional ideologies to attain environmental and social justice which are two issues that cannot be separated. As our climate changes, more people will suffer and our mission is to help prevent the atrocities that are occurring to our Mother and the people she nurtures.