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We are a multigenerational, youth-led model by and for indigenous and non-indigenous women based on mentoring relationships and principles of unity, solidarity, justice, sharing, and respect.

Seeding Sovereignty honors the fact that Indigenous sovereignty prioritizes the rights of the Earth, of Plants, Animals and coming generations, and views their role as sovereign people as protectors of all those who cannot speak, of their communities, honoring the life force that moves through everything.

Seeding Hubs of Communication

Dominant recorded history (and current dictionary definitions) of sovereignty view life as a hierarchy of service and social cast. It views Mother Earth, her children, the animals and plants as resources to be used to reenforce a system of power and dominion, focused on individuals.

We hold space for Native voices to redefine what sovereignty means for life, in order to inform and empower the rising resistance to the corrupt colonial version of sovereign power. We recognize Indigenous sovereignty as true sovereignty, that which supports and honors life for all.

We support this process through collaborative action that honors this paradigm shift, to create lasting understanding and change. We provide a platform for those who are exercising Indigenous Sovereignty and tackle direct threats to that emerging process.

We honor the skills, time, sacrifices and experience of all contributing members of this organization. Working cross-culturally we are creating lasting change.


You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you. Mother Earth is not just your environment. In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to have real communication with the Earth, which is the highest form of prayer.
~Thich Nhat Hanh

We are very pleased to announce we are working with these three amazing young women! 
Christine Nobiss   |   Lauren TwoBraids Howland   |   Andreanne Catt

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resisting fossil fuel pipelines

Although Standing Rock resistance camp ended, the Elders have called on us all to spread the spirit of the movement to "Standing Rocks," the resistance camps of frontline communities that have emerged to fight fossil fuel extraction to protect mni wiconi, the water, while advocating to end the fossil fuel era.

Her Eyes in the Skies

Female drone pilot program

From the perspective of the winged we will be able to cover more ground, offer farther-reaching insight, and tell a more complete story. It is not easy to look, but the truth must be told. We will incorporate inter-generational narratives with this program, engaging and empowering women with flight.

Amplifying Voices

The Seeding Sovereignty Project born at Standing Rock, and empowered indigenous youth descendants of the original Treaty of Peace to lead the environmental stewardship of Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth) and to plant the seeds of indigenous wisdom in the greater western environmental movement at a time of climate crisis.  We have worked with Oceti Sakowin youth leaders who inspired the Standing Rock resistance camp; working to bridge the gap between youth and tribal elders so that indigenous knowledge is not lost. We work in coalition with indigenous with non-indigenous peoples to pool our strengths to build a movement based on centuries of traditional native knowledge and modern day environmental protection. 

During critical moments of the Standing Rock Movement, the messages of the camp were carried by representatives of the Youth Runners and International Indigenous Youth Council to millions of people. We are moving into a time this country has never seen before, and it affects all of us. Our government is being systematically retooled to promote racial division and violence. Our freedom of speech, and our right  to peacefully assemble to oppose this corruption is being suppressed.  Hard-won environmental protections were some of the first things to fall under attack within a week of this new administration coming into office in Washington D.C. It is more critical then ever to come together and stand up in a good way against greed, hate, and the continuation of genocide. 

"Water is Life, Water is Sacred"

Standing Rock's Bobbi Jean Three Legs Speaks Out Against Trump

From Keystone XL Pipeline to #DAPL

Jasilyn Charger, Water Protector from Cheyenne River Reservation

Rolling Stone

Fiona Apple, TV on the Radio Top Standing Rock Benefit Concert


Fiona Apple, TV on the Radio, Sky Ferreira, More to Play Standing Rock Benefit

Music Connection



TV on the Radio, Sky Ferreira, Fiona Apple & More to Play 'We Rock With Standing Rock' Benefit Concert